NPC Perspektiva offers design, assessment and complete auditing of buildings and structures

Engineering for construction

Limited Liability Company Scientific Production Center "Perspektiva" was established in 1998.

The company's specialists and managers are former employees of the Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

— inspection of the technical condition of building structures and engineering systems of buildings and structures, including particularly hazardous and technically challenging facilities; 

— determination of causes of collapse on site building structures; 

— development of design and engineering solutions to restore operational properties and reinforce building structures;

— preparation of design and working documentation for construction, reconstruction and overhaul of buildings and structures, including particularly hazardous and technically challenging capital construction facilities (except for nuclear power facilities); engineering surveys for construction;

— engineering surveys for construction;

— non-state expertise of project documentation and results of engineering surveys;

— energy audit of buildings and structures;

— certification of works performed by contractors in the Mosstroysertifikatsiya system;

— expertise of industrial safety of buildings and structures at hazardous production facilities, documentation for overhaul, temporary closing and liquidation of these facilities, as well as related operating documents; 

— development of technical conclusion on the possibility and remodeling (reconstruction) of apartments, commercial and office premises, as well as other public and industrial premises;

— due diligence and valuation of real estate properties; 

— development and validation of cost estimates; 

— development of investment and construction projects, as well as technology and price audits; 

— quality assurance services for construction and erection works, construction audit; 

— development of regulations, provisions and other documents on technical operation of buildings and structures of greater accountability;

— forensic construction and technical expertise

— market research, development and expertise of construction business plans; 

— study of the status and development of programs to improve construction management systems; 

— research and development work in the field of improving the economics and management of construction; 

— efficiency analysis of existing and design of organizational structures of construction associations and organizations;

The Center has two laboratories: 

— “Perspektiva-Stroyispytaniya” test laboratory accredited by the “MOSSTROYSERTIFIKATSIYA” system; 

— non-destructive testing certified under the uniform system for conformity assessment in the field of industrial, environmental, energy and construction safety.

The laboratories are equipped with all the modern instruments and tools to inspect buildings and structures:  

— geodetic measurements - total station, levels, laser range finders; 

— drilling and sampling - drill presses, demolition hammer, angle grinder; 

— bolt tension control in bolted joints; 

— testing the strength of materials using non-destructive testing methods - shear test, rib shear, impact pulse; 

— determination of reinforcement parameters of reinforced concrete structures;  

— thermal imaging surveys; 

— measurement of temperature and humidity parameters of building structures and room air;  

— measurement of adhesion strength (adhesion) of finishing materials with substrates; 

— measurement of the wall thickness of metal and plastic pipes, boilers, vessels, linings; etc.

All devices, according to established regulations, undergo periodic testing at specialized organizations and have metrological certificates.

More than a thousand institutions and organizations of different forms of ownership have become customers of Perspektiva NPC




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The main center activity is a complex of engineering services for construction

All the documents required for the company operation and activities are shown below

Apprisal specialist certificate

Apprisal specialist certificate

Admission to constuction works certificate

Apprisal specialist certificate

Civil engeneering design expert certificate

Civil engineering audit expert certificate

Engeneering forensics expert certificate

Engeneering surveys expert certificate

ISO 9001-2015

Non-destructive testing certificate

Non-profit partnership of apprisal companies certificate

Non-state expert appraisal of design documentation and (or) engineering survey results certificate